Third-Party Notification

If you care for a friend or relative who could possibly overlook paying his or her AMP bill because of illness, financial difficulties, or other issues, Alameda Municipal Power's Third-Party Notification Program can offer some assistance. It is designed to help seniors, the disabled, or anyone who depends upon uninterrupted electric service.

Designating a Third Party

Under this program, you can designate yourself as a third party, and when the person you're concerned for ever receives a final notice due to an unpaid electric bill, you too are notified.

As the designated party, you are not responsible for paying the bill, but you can get in touch with your friend or relative, or you might want to contact AMP to help resolve the issue.

How it Works

Third-Party Notification Service is available to all residential customers, with the consent of both parties.

  • Third-party notification provides that if a customer's electric service is in danger of imminent disconnection due to non-payment, an AMP representative will contact a third party who can notify the customer.
  • The program ensures that AMP will provide sufficient notification before service is stopped.
  • It may save you the inconvenience of temporary service loss and reconnection charges.
  • The third party assumes no liability for payment of your bills by participating in this program.


Fill out the online application here.