Kill a Watt Monitor Program

Find Those High Energy Users

The Alameda Free Library has teamed up with Alameda Municipal Power to allow the citizens of the City of Alameda to borrow new Kill a Watt Energy Monitors.

These portable, simple-to-use devices are used to measure the energy usage of household appliances and electronics, so you can track down the energy wasters in your home and identify areas in your home where you can save electricity.

Find Out How Much Electricity Your Appliances Use

  • Borrow a Kill a Watt Monitor from the Library or Service Center, and then simply connect it to your individual appliances.
  • The monitor will display consumption by the kilowatt-hour and the monitor will assess how efficient the appliances really are.
  • You can calculate your electrical usage by the day, week, month, even an entire year.
  • You’ll also get worksheets and instructions to determine the energy usage for each device you test.

Check Out a Kill A Watt Monitor Today

  • Simply go to the library or Service Center and go to the counter and ask to borrow a Kill A Watt Monitor.
  • Check Out Period: Each monitor can be checked out for three weeks, with an allowable renewal for an additional three weeks if no one is waiting for a monitor.
  • Late Fees: If the monitor is not returned in time, the customer is charged 20 cents a day, up to a $5 maximum overdue fine.
  • If a meter is not returned or is returned damaged, the charge is $35 to $30, refundable if meter is found and returned within a year plus $5 non-refundable processing fee.
  • Meters are automatically considered lost if they reach 6 weeks overdue and a bill is sent to the customer.


Alameda Free Library
1550 Oak Street
Alameda, CA 94501