Rebates and Incentives

  1. Electric Panel Upgrade
  2. Electric Vehicle Charger
  3. Used Electric Vehicle
  4. Electric Clothes Dryer
  5. Heat Pump Water Heater

Electric Panel Upgrade

When you upgrade your electrical panel to electrify your home, you can apply for an AMP rebate of up to $2,500.

Switching from gas-powered appliances to all-electric appliances is known as “electrification” or “fuel switching.” Examples include switching from natural gas water heating to electric-resistant water heating, or switching from natural gas space heating to all-electric space heating.

Even switching from your natural gas dryer to an all-electric version counts as electrification and can help you qualify for this rebate.

To be eligible for rebate funds, you will need to take these steps:

  • Upgrade your panel to 200amps or greater
  • Install at least one appliance that reflects a switch from natural gas to all electric, and install or have an existing additional all-electric appliance. The already-existing appliance can meet this requirement only if it was purchased after September 1, 2020.

Examples of qualifying electric appliances for fuel switching:

  • Gas dryer to all-electric dryer (check out AMP’s electric dryer rebate)
  • Gas water heater to electric resistant water heating (check out AMP’s heat pump water heater rebate)
  • Gas heating/furnace to all-electric space heating (heat pump space heating or all-electric furnace)
  • Gas stove to all electric stove (like an induction cooktop)

*Installing an electric vehicle level 2 charger can qualify as the second appliance to satisfy the rebate requirement. 

How to Apply

Pre-Panel Installation:

Before performing your panel upgrade, work with your electrician or contractor to complete these two steps (Note: new appliance installation may require additional permits—contact the City of Alameda Permit Center for more information):

  1. Submit a completed Residential Electric Service Form to AMP for approval.*
  2. Submit a completed permit application to the City of Alameda permit center.**

*Submit form to AMP’s engineering office at 2000 Grand St, Alameda, CA 94501. For questions, call the AMP engineering main line at (510) 814-5676. AMP will verify local power availability prior to permit application.

** Contact the City of Alameda permit center at (510) 747-6800

After installation of your panel upgrade is complete, follow these steps:

Once the panel and appliance installations are complete, take these steps to apply for your AMP rebate:

  1. Complete the online Residential Electric Panel Upgrade Rebate application form.
  2. Submit the following documents along with your rebate application:
  • Photos clearly demonstrating fuel switching has occurred. This can be achieved by providing photos of: 
    • Existing gas-powered appliances before replacement
    • Newly installed electric appliances
  • Picture of updated panel installed on the property
  • Receipts or proof of purchase for all electric appliances
  • Contract or paid invoice(s) to certified electrician, showing the itemized and subtotaled cost of the electrical upgrade (electrician’s invoice must include the electrician’s license number). If capping gas lines, include this as a line item in the contractor invoice.
  • Final, signed building permit(s)

Click on the link below to submit your application. 

Residential Electric Panel Upgrade Rebate Application

Review the terms and conditions for AMP rebates below.

Terms and Conditions