New Account Management Tools

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On October 14, 2019, AMP discontinued its eCare online bill payment system. If you wish to continue to pay or view your electric bill on AMP’s website, or receive a paperless bill, you need to create a new online account.

To Pay or View Your Bill Online After October 15

You’ll need the following information from your electric bill to create your new account:

  • Name of account holder on the bill
  • AMP account number
  • House Number
  • Meter Number

Create Your New Online Account

You cannot use your old ID and password on the new system. You need to click on "Register" and then enter an email address and choose a new password.

Click here to to create your new online account.

Other Payment Options Not Affected

If you are enrolled in the Auto-Payment Plan or pay by mail, the phone, or through your bank, AMP's new account management tools will not affect how you pay. However, you will need to create a new online account if you would like to take advantage of new features, such as viewing your usage online or sign up for text notifications.