Interconnection Process

Contractors will typically handle the steps to install a solar or renewable energy system and interconnect it to AMP's electric grid. 

As a property owner, it is wise to play an active role. Understanding the key steps will set expectations and allow clear and effective communication with contractors. Use the steps below as a guideline for AMP’s interconnection process. Expand each section for more information

All solar and renewable energy system installations require a building permit (SPV or SPSA). Your contractor will typically apply for the permit through the City of Alameda Permit Center.
 After the permit application has been submitted, the permit center will review the application and forward to AMP for an engineering review. Once the reviews have been passed, the installation of the renewable energy system may begin.
To begin the permit application, visit
For questions or more information, contact the Permit Center at:
(510) 747- 6800 or
 If your project includes a battery storage system, please note:

  • In order to qualify for interconnection to the electric grid, a battery storage system must be paired with a renewable energy system, like a solar renewable energy system
  • The battery storage system must not back feed to AMP’s distribution grid.
  • It must comply with all state standards for smart inverters.

If you are a PG&E natural gas customer, you may qualify for the PG&E Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), which includes incentives for energy storage.  

Please note: SGIP is administered by PG&E and is not an AMP program. For more information, visit