Providing Public Power to Alameda

The electric utility industry began around 1882 when Thomas Edison set up the first commercial power station in lower Manhattan. Just five short years later, in 1887, the City of Alameda paid $20,000 for the installation of 13 streetlights and a 90-kilowatts generating station to power them. And with that, the oldest public electric utility west of the Mississippi was created - right here in Alameda!


Today, the City of Alameda is still in the power business and still a trendsetter. Now known as Alameda Municipal Power (AMP), we have survived a century and a quarter of utility mergers that created utility behemoths in other places.

AMP has provided safe, reliable power at lower rates without sacrificing service to power our community. We maintain local control so that we can re-invest in the island and provide value to enrich our lives, businesses and the community. In fact, since 1887, AMP has contributed more than $75 million to the City of Alameda’s General Fund.

Looking Forward

We’ve seen a lot of change in 130 years, but through it all there’s been one constant: You, the residents and businesses of Alameda. We’re as committed today to delivering safe and reliable electricity to you as we were in 1887. We’ll continue to invest in new and improved ways of doing business to manage costs, improve our service, and improve the environment. Thanks to you, we’re looking forward to another 100-plus years.