New Construction

At a Glance

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) encourages all new construction to be energy efficient and exceed current California Title 24 Building Energy-Efficiency Standards. To achieve these energy savings, AMP's New Construction Program offers design assistance grants, whole building approach, and building systems approach.

Design Assistance Grants

Design assistance grants for analysis, building modeling, and research are available to help you design efficient buildings. Owner incentives of up to $10,000 per project can help pay for the investment.

Whole Building Approach

The Whole Building Approach calculates the estimated total annual energy savings for the building compared to the Title 24 minimum requirements. The analysis can be prepared by the design team or by an energy consultant using a comprehensive energy simulation tool capable of modeling Title 24 requirements.

To qualify for a rebate, the proposed building must exceed Title 24 by 10% or more.

Building Systems Approach

This approach applies to the different systems within a building such as lighting or HVAC and is appropriate for smaller, less complex projects.


  • Applicants must have, or expect to have, a valid AMP account, and projects must be installed on the account listed on the application form.
  • The projects must utilize new, energy-efficient equipment. Used, reconditioned, rebuilt, or restored equipment does not qualify.
  • All installed equipment must comply with the technical requirements of AMP's commercial retrofit programs - Lighting, HVAC, and Custom. For example, all LED lamps and fixtures must be on the qualified products list of Energy Star or the Design Lights Consortium (DLC).
  • All projects must have a pre-installation, if applicable, and post-installation inspection by AMP.
  • AMP must approve (in writing) the project before work proceeds.
  • AMP reserves the right to withhold funding for projects that do not meet technical requirements upon completion.
  • In no case will AMP pay more than 100% of the actual non-taxed cost for the project, not to exceed $150,000 per customer, or 75% of the incremental costs associated with the upgrade.
  • Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.
  • AMP reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program without prior notice at its discretion.
Commercial new Construction Rebate