Self-Install Program's Technical Requirements

All equipment must be new. Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible. Higher priority will be given to lighting retrofit projects that include all light fixtures in a customer’s property. Partial lighting retrofits are discouraged

Fluorescent To LED

  • LED HIBAY fixtures (interior and exterior) may require by Title 24 code to have photo-control, vacancy controls and/or dimming controls.
  • All screw-in LED lamps must be on the Energy Star qualified product listed.
  • All LED fixtures must be Design Lights Consortium [DLC] listed and only the premium fixtures listed in the [linear ambient, high-bay/low-bay, or exterior parking garage] product category will qualify for the lighting rebate. Visit

Standard LED To Premium LED Fixture

  • Provide specifications of the existing LED lamps or fixtures. 
  • Existing LED lamps or fixtures must be part of DLC – standard list. 
  • New LED fixtures must be part of the DLC premium product list.


  • TLED T8 tubes for Type A and B installations do not qualify for a rebate even if listed on the Energy Star website or Design Lights Consortium List.
  • TLED T8 tubes for Type C installation do qualify for this rebate. LED drives must be UL listed. All TLED T8 lamps must be DLC – standard listed.

LED Exit Signs 

  • Only new exit signs that replace an incandescent or fluorescent exit sign qualify. Non-electrified (e.g., tritium) and remote exit signs are not eligible.
  • New exit signs must meet UL-924 requirements; have an input wattage less than 5 watts, and a 10-year rated life and replacement of defective parts for 5 years from date of purchase.