Self-Install Program's Technical Requirements

All equipment must be new. Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible. Higher priority will be given to lighting retrofit projects that include all light fixtures in a customer’s property. Partial lighting retrofits are discouraged.

Compact Fluorescents

  • Rebate is based on lamp wattage.
  • Must be Energy Star labeled.


  • LED HIBAY fixtures (interior and exterior) may be required to have photocontrol, vacancy controls and/or dimming controls.
  • LED lamps and fixtures must be on the Energy Star's qualified products list or the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) list.
  • LED T8 tubes do not qualify for a rebate even if listed on the Energy Star website or Design Lights Consortium List, unless part of a complete LED retrofit system that includes new lamp holders and drivers specific to the T8 LED tube.
  • Download a copy of the page of either of the two lists. Print a copy of the page on which the product you will be using is listed, highlight the product information, and submit it with your application forms.
  • Alameda Municipal Power may require an LED manufacturer representative, or other third party, to provide review and approval to ensure the equipment specified is the best retrofit. There will be no cost to the contractor or customer for this requirement.

LED Exit Signs

  • Only new exit signs that replace an incandescent or fluorescent exit sign qualify. Non-electrified (e.g., tritium) and remote exit signs are not eligible.
  • New exit signs must meet UL-924 requirements; have an input wattage less than 5 watts, and a 10-year rated life and replacement of defective parts for 5 years from date of purchase.

Linear Fluorescent Retrofits

  • Resulting light levels must be adequate for the task being performed.
  • If used in combination with occupancy sensors, parallel wired Programmed Start or Programmed Rapid-Start ballast must be used.
  • All U-bend lamps shall be replaced with 2-foot straight lamps.
  • All four foot T8 lamps and ballasts must be high-performance and approved by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE).
  • All 8-foot lamps will be replaced with end to end 4-foot lamps.
  • Reduced wattage (RW) lamps may display undesirable behavior in cooler temperatures while warming up, and are not suitable for dimming.
  • Lamp removal may only be done jointly with qualifying T8 lamp and ballast retrofits.
  • The number of lamps claimed for a lamp removal rebate may not exceed the number of lamps installed. Lamp removal (delamping) is defined as the permanent removal of the existing lamp and ballast; and the lamp holders no longer in use must be removed from the fixture.
  • Customers are responsible for determining whether or not lamp removal will maintain adequate lighting levels.

Interior Linear Fluorescent Hibay Fixtures

  • Replaces only existing incandescent, mercury vapor, T12/HO, T12/VHO, standard Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium fixtures in a 12 feet or greater high bay application.
  • Fixtures must be replaced one-for-one.
  • New fixtures will contain T8, T5 or T5HO lamps.
  • Existing fixtures with systems wattage of 400 watt or more must be replaced with 244 watt or less; and fixtures with system wattage of 250 watt or more must be replaced with 170 watt or less.
  • Lamps and ballasts in this category must meet the requirements for T8 linear fluorescent lamps and ballasts.
  • Recommended T8 lamps are preferred over T5 and T5HO lamps.
  • Recommended is the use of at least 4100 K linear fluorescent lamps.

Electronically Ballasted Ceramic Metal Halide

  • Electronically ballasted metal halide lamps replace existing HID lamps.
  • New lamps must have 20,000 or more rated average life hours and a CRI of 70 or greater.
  • New lamps must be compatible with existing controls and fit into existing equipment.

Motion Sensors

  • Only passive infrared and/or ultrasonic detectors are eligible.
  • Wall box, wall or ceiling sensors qualify, and must be installed in areas with no previous sensor controls.
  • Programed start ballasts are designed to maximize lamp life in frequently cycled fluorescent lighting applications, this should be used with motion sensors.

Plug Load Sensors

Applies to passive infrared and/or ultra sonic detectors to control electricity-using equipment in offices or cubicles or shared copiers and/or printers.

Integrated High-Bay Sensor

Integrated High-Bay Sensor is permanently installed in the lighting fixture to control all lamps in the fixture.