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Smart Meter Overview

AMP is launching Energy inView, an exciting new program that’s all about providing better service to our residential and commercial customers.

Alameda’s electric grid has served us well for more than a century, but the time has come for a modernized system capable of meeting 21st century demands for real-time data and energy sources like solar, battery storage and electric vehicles. We need a “smarter” grid to deliver and manage electricity.

The first step in transforming the grid is installing new electric meters on Alameda’s homes and businesses. These new “smart” meters will help you control, reduce and understand your use of electricity.The future of energy begins with a new meter.

Transitioning to a smart grid means applying advanced technology to our existing electric system, making the system more reliable and efficient while giving you more control over your usage.

Some of the Benefits

iv icon benefit ghg 100 GREENHOUSE-GAS REDUCTION Your usage data is sent wirelessly to AMP. Fewer vehicle trips to access your property means fewer greenhouse-gas emissions.
iv icon benefit outage 100 FASTER OUTAGE RESPONSE Smart meters immediately report outages to AMP, resulting in faster power restoration.
iv icon benefit rate 100 POTENTIAL NEW RATE OPTIONS The new technology will allow us to create potential new rate options that may benefit your wallet.

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