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Depending upon the size of a building, California AB 802 may require a building owner to benchmark the building energy use using ENERGY STAR®Portfolio Manager and to disclose the energy use results of the building(s).

It is the responsibility of the building owner to complete the building benchmarking.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager

The Energy Start Portfolio Manager is the Environmental Protection Agency’s online energy management and tracking tool that enables you to benchmark, measures, and track the energy and water use of any building over time and to compare your building to similar buildings. Benchmarking also provides a building score.

For example, a score of 50 is average, a score of 25 means your building is only more efficient than 25 percent of your peers, and a score of 75 or greater means your facility is a top performer.

How do I request the electric energy use data from AMP as per AB 802?

To request energy usage of a covered building, please download, complete and print the applicable forms below and submit to AMP:

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Data Request Form

The Data Request Form is required for all covered building energy use data requests.

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Proof of Ownership Form

The Proof of Ownership form is required for all covered building energy use data requests. This form is required to protect the privacy of customers and ensure the energy use data is going to the authorized building owner or authorized representative of the building owner.

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Tenant Authorization Form

The Customer Energy Data Release to Owner Form is required when the building owner is requesting the energy use data for properties they own, but AMP electric account(s) within the covered building are in the name of the tenant – the customer of record.

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Participation and Non-Disclosure Agreement

The Participation and Non-Disclosure Agreement is required and ensures the confidentiality of the energy use data the building owner obtains from AMP.

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