Alameda Green

About Alameda Green

Now that Alameda Municipal Power has reached its goal to provide 100 percent clean electricity to all customers starting in January 2020, we’re expanding the focus of the Alameda Green program.

Instead of simply greening up your personal electricity usage, your participation in Alameda Green offers you the opportunity to support renewable energy beyond Alameda’s borders. By avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, this renewable energy contributes to cleaner, greener communities in our region.

Your continued voluntary participation in Alameda Green will help ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Renewable Energy Certificates 

The Alameda Green program purchases renewable energy certificates (RECs), which state that renewable energy was generated at a regional power source and added to the electric grid on your behalf.

Monthly Cost 

The additional monthly cost to participate is only $6.62 for the average Alameda household and as little as $20 per month for businesses.

More Questions?

You can view the Prospective Product Content Label to learn more about the program’s 2021 energy supply.

To view highlights of the conditions of your subscription, including a complete list of the resources included in Alameda Green, see the Price, Terms, and Conditions (PDF).

Green-E Energy CertifiedGreen-E Energy Certified

Alameda Green is Green-e Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at the Green-e Energy website.

2019 Power Content Label

When you enroll, Alameda Green matches all or part of your
electricity use with unbundled renewable energy certificates (RECs). Click here
to explore the renewable sources of the unbundled RECs that Alameda
Municipal Power will purchase to match your 2021 usage, and explore the Power
Content Label below for more information about AMP’s energy mix.

Energy ResourcesAMP Power MixAlameda Green2019 California Power Mix***
Eligible Renewable*28.8%0.0%31.7%
Biomass and Waste
Eligible hydroelectric
Large Hydroelectric42.2%0%14.6%
Natural Gas1.3%0%34.2%
Other0%0% 0.2%
Unspecified Sources of Power**27.7%100%7.3%
Annual Total100%100%100%
Percentage of Retail Sales Covered by Retired Unbundled RECs***0%100%

**Unspecified sources of power means electricity from open market transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources. 

***Renewable energy credits (RECs) are tracking instruments issued for renewable generation. Unbundled renewable energy credits (RECs) represent renewable generation that was not delivered to serve retail sales. Unbundled RECs are not reflected in the power mix or GHG emissions intensities above.

If you are a participant in Alameda Green, Alameda Municipal Power purchased unbundled RECs to match all or a portion of your energy usage. For more information about the renewable sources of these unbundled RECs, please refer to our webpage

For specific information about this electricity product, call Alameda Municipal Power at (510) 748-3900. For general information about the Power Content Label, visit the California Energy Commission website or contact the California Energy Commission at (844) 454-2906.