December 20, 2016

Alameda Municipal Power Provides $200,000 in Rebates to Local Solar Project

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) joined with Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer and private-sector partners to celebrate the completion of a major solar project at Harbor Bay Pkwy on Friday, Dec. 16. AMP has provided the project with $200,000 to date through its solar rebate program.

Sun Air Solar LLC owns the new 808 kW solar system at 1420 Harbor Bay Pkwy, which consists of rooftop solar and a solar carport. The rooftop solar panels are on top of the building used by Abbott Diabetes Care and a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) office.

“AMP is a community-owned utility that reflects the commitment of Alameda residents to sustainability,” said Liz Warmerdam, interim general manager of AMP. “We are deeply committed to renewable energy at AMP, and that’s why we provided this project with a rebate of $200,000 to date.”

Liz Warmerdam attended the ribbon-cutting event for the solar installations on Dec. 16. The project recently became the final project to reserve funding from AMP’s solar rebate program.

In 2008, the State of California mandated in a state law (SB1) that all electric utilities provide rebates over the following 10 years to residential and commercial customers who install an approved solar energy system. In compliance with SB1, AMP allocated $4.2 million for rebates. Now that rebate funding has been reserved for the solar project at Harbor Bay Pkwy, AMP has fully subscribed the program.

Kathleen Haley
Senior Communications Specialist
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