Alameda Municipal Power to Host Series of Town Hall Meetings
on the Future of Energy

Alameda, Calif. -- Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) announced today that it will host a "series of town hall meetings over the next six months on the future of energy. The purpose of the meetings is to engage the community in a dialog about the challenges and opportunities the utility is facing in regard to climate change, increased regulation, an aging electric grid, and the rise of and integration into the electric grid of solar, wind turbines and battery storage.

The first meeting in the series will kick off with a discussion on customer solar and how to appropriately and equitably integrate it into the electric grid. The utility wants to hear feedback from all customers about the level to which it should expand or shrink subsidies for solar and how it should position solar in Alameda’s energy mix.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24 in the Regina K. Stafford Room at the Alameda Main Library, 1515 Oak Street, Alameda.

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