Rebate Program

Alameda Municipal Power Solar Rebate Program Is Now Closed

The remaining funds in a $4.2 million solar rebate program for Alameda Municipal Power’s (AMP) commercial and residential customers have been committed to a local solar project as of August 2016. Harbor Bay One LLC’s solar project recently became the final project to reserve the solar program funding.

Funding Sources

In 2008, the State of California mandated in a state law (SB1) that all electric utilities provide rebates over the following 10 years to residential and commercial customers who install an approved solar energy system. In compliance with SB1, AMP allocated $4.2 million for rebates, with approximately two-thirds of the total reserved for commercial projects and the remaining one-third for residential projects (based on the proportion of revenue that AMP received from each). All of AMP’s rebates for residential customers were reserved by 2013.