Electric Vehicles Discount

Alameda Municipal Power offers an electric vehicle discount to:

  • Customers operating registered, street-legal electric vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) between 750 pounds and 8,000 pounds
  • Electric fleet operations
  • Golf courses operating only electric golf carts

Discount Rates

Discounts per vehicle per month are the following. Alameda Municipal Power will be the final authority in the determination of gross vehicle weight for the purpose of categorizing vehicles for discounts.

Vehicle TypeGVW RangeKilowatts per Hour per MonthRate per Kilowatt per HourDiscount per Vehicle per Month
Very Light Duty750 to 1,999 pounds150$0.06$9.00
Light Duty2,000 ti 4,999 pounds250$0.06$15.00
Medium Only5,000 to 8,000 pounds350$0.06$21.00

Commercially-Operated Golf Carts & Fleet Vehicles

50 percent of the metered kilowatts per hour for the separately metered golf cart or fleet vehicle charging facility.


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