What AMP Customers Are Saying

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Alameda Auto Lab Owners on the
Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program

“We have better lighting. People are working better. And, it saves energy.” This is how Alameda Auto Lab owners Luis Gomez and Robert Ramos describe the impact of the new lighting they received through AMP's Commercial Lighting Retrofit Turn Key Program. The program helps businesses to navigate the process, provides a proposal outlining the savings and benefits of a lighting retrofit, and includes an AMP-approved contractor that works according to the schedule of the participating business.

The estimated savings for this 35-year-old business is $2,079 per year and the rebate was $2,970, which covered most of the project cost. “The process went well and was fast and very accommodating to the needs of the shop. Great job,” Robert said. “100% worth it.”

School Foodies on the Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program

School Foodies has a sustainability philosophy built right into its business plan. If the drought resistant plants outside their Central Avenue location and the compostable serving containers for their healthy food lunches weren’t clues, their participation in AMP’s Commercial Lighting Retrofit Program might be a sure sign. “Through this program, I got a great education on how to be more green, while saving money and helping the environment,“ said Dennis King, owner of the Alameda business that serves up healthy lunches to schools all over the Bay Area.

The AMP Commercial Lighting Retrofit program provides technical and project support from start to finish, prequalified contractors, and ending with the final quality check after the installation. “The service was great. The contractor was in and out within a week.” The estimated savings for this new Alameda business is $2,485 per year and the rebate was $2,948 which covered most of the project cost. For more information about the program visit www.alamedamp.com/commercial-lighting-retrofit-turn-key

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