AMP Business Rates

The most common rate schedule for commercial accounts is A-1. This schedule applies to all commercial accounts that use less than 500 kW per month for any six out of the last 12 consecutive months. AMP evaluates existing accounts yearly to determine the appropriate rate schedule based on usage history. Only one rate schedule change is allowed every 12 months, except by mutual agreement between the customer and AMP.

There are also riders that apply to all bills (ERS - Energy Resources Surcharge and PV - State Solar Photovoltaic Program Charge) along with applicable state and local taxes that will apply to a commercial customer's total bill.

Rate Schedules

A-1 General Service


ERS Energy Resources Surcharge

Supplemental Schedules

EVX Experimental Electric Vehicle Charging Discount

Alameda Green Renewable Power Program

 Rules and Regulations

For more details on electric costs and service, please refer to AMP Rules and Regulations.

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