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Alameda residents and businesses now have the power to choose 100% renewable energy with Alameda Green, a voluntary green power program offered by Alameda Municipal Power (AMP). When you sign up for Alameda Green, you purchase Green-e Energy Certified clean energy for one hundred percent of your electricity use at some of the lowest rates in the nation. The additional monthly cost to participate is only about $6.00 for the average Alameda household; it’s a small price for a big environmental impact.

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Joining Alameda Green is an easy way to help the environment and the community. Your participation in Alameda Green eliminates your home's carbon emissions from electricity use. It also supports the growth of renewable energy facilities and clean tech jobs.

To ensure your enrollment makes the biggest impact on the growth of the clean energy economy, we purchase Green-e Energy certified renewable energy exclusively from new wind and solar projects built within the last 15 years, this way we continue to drive demand for new projects. 

The average Alameda household reduces its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2,575 pounds a year by participating in Alameda Green for about $6 a month†. That’s the carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent to taking your car off the road for three months*!

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† The average Alameda household uses 4.2 MWh per year. Environmental equivalencies are calculated based on the average Alameda household. To learn more, visit

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