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  • The Weatherization Rebate Program helps electric heating customers to reduce their electricity use and cost.

  • AMP offers rebates for upgrades to: insulation, energy-saving doors and windows, and weather stripping.

  • Avaiable only to those AMP customers with permanently installed electric heat rather than natural gas heat. (Rate Code D1H or D1H customers).

What's Weatherization?

Weatherization is the practice of protecting our homes from weather variability, keeping the heat generated by our heaters inside the home, instead of allowing it to escape outside.

Alamedans can weatherize homes primarily through the addition of:

  • Insulation
  • Weatherstripping
  • Replacing doors and windows that allow heat to escape

Rebate Information

  • AMP will rebate 80% of total project cost up to the maximums stated below:

  • Single family, or multi-unit building, up to three units per building
    • Maximum rebate = $960 per unit
  • Apartment or condo within a building that contains four or more units
    • Maximum rebate = $480 per unit


  • For renters - a landlord or property manager must sign your application and contract.
  • Single family homes must first add insulation before weatherstripping or replacing doors and windows.
  • All projects must be approved by AMP prior to installation

Process Checklist

  • Request a weatherization audit. AMP will review your home as it is before any weatherization updates and suggest what updates would be most effective for your home.

  • Complete the application form and mail it to AMP. We need the original document with your signature (you can do this before the audit, if you’d like).

  • After your audit, AMP will send an acceptance letter.

  • Please do not start your project in advance of this email or letter, or you forfeit your opportunity for a rebate.

  • You then have 90 days to complete the weatherization project.

  • Email or mail copies of your receipts to AMP.

  • Your rebate will be sent out 4-8 weeks after we have received your receipts.

AMP Contact Information

To schedule an audit/pre-install inspection: Call Customer Service at 510-748-3900, or Email your account number, address, reason for the audit, and phone number to amp@alamedamp.com 

Program questions Call 510-814-6415, or Email your question to Birdwell@alamedamp.com

Send your application/receipts to: Alameda Municipal Power Utility Energy Analyst 2000 Grand Street Alameda, CA 94501 or Birdwell@alamedamp.com

For more Information, call 510-748-3947 

  • Call (510) 748-3900 for Customer Service 24/7
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