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AMP has a number of great tools, energy-efficiency programs, rebates and ideas for residential customers. 

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icon ee myenergy 75My Energy

Does your home consume more electricity than your neighbor’s home? Would you like to find out, plus compare you usage over time using simple, powerrful tools?  Find out more...  

icon ee apogee 75Appliance Calculator

Your home is filled with electric devices. Which ones cost the most to use? Find out more...  

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icon ee refrigerator 75AMP Refrigerator Rebate and Recycling Programs

Is your refrigerator or freezer an energy hog? We have rebate and recycling programs that can help. Find out more...

icon ee led 75 BComing Soon: New LED Rebate Program

A brand new LED Rebate Program is coming very soon.

icon ee solar 75Residential Solar Installation

Interested in generating your own renewable electricity to meet some of your electricity demand? AMP is here to make your system of the greatest value to you. Find out more...

icon ee ev 75

Electric Vehicle Discounts

Find out about electric vehicle discounts and what AMP is doing to support this greener driving alternative.  Find out more...

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icon ee led bulbA 75Switching to LEDs Makes Sense

With new energy efficient lighting standards come new kinds of light bulbs and more choices than ever. So how do you decide which bulb is best for your home and budget? Find out more...  

icon ee cfl 75CFLs - An Overview

Though CFL's are now the way to go, CFLs are still far more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. Find out more...  

icon ee carbon footprint 75Your Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is a measurement of how much greenhouse gas you create through your day-to-day activities. Find out how to get your home in shape to reduce your carbon footprint. Find out more...  



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